About Dignus Support

Part of Dignus Group, Dignus Support is a supported living provider, delivering the highest standards of support to service users with mental health conditions and learning disabilities.

In partnership with registered social care landlords, we deliver support in our service user’s homes, helping them to live as independently as possible, developing the skills they need to achieve their personal goals.

Why choose Dignus Support

We work in partnership with the people we support to ensure the best possible outcomes. We treat all of our service users as individuals, seeing beyond the label and perceived limitations of their conditions. 

As part of our person-centered approach, we fully explore opportunities for our service users to take part in education, employment, leisure, and relaxation, ensuring they live the life that they aspire to. 

We actively promote independence at every opportunity and are committed to seeing service users live life to the full. We passionately believe that the individuals we support should have access to all of the opportunities open in their wider community.